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TOPIC: new wave of US progressives could overturn decades of voter supression in mid-terms

new wave of US progressives could overturn decades of voter supression in mid-terms 07 Nov 2018 07:05 #10840

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A new wave of US progressives could overturn decades of voter suppression in mid-term elections

As Americans go to the polls to vote in the 2018 mid-term elections, historic battles are on the line. Because a wave of progressive candidates representing marginalised areas of US society are inches away from gaining crucial political power. And they stand the chance of overturning massive voter disenfranchisement.

As AJ+ tweeted:

Black governors

There are currently no Black governors in the United States. There has never been a Black governor, moreover, in Florida, Georgia, and Maryland.

But on 6 November, this could all change. Because now, Andrew Gillum is running in Florida; Stacey Abrams is running Georgia; and Ben Jealous is running in Maryland.

Not only do they represent a potentially historic break from centuries of under-representation for Black Americans: they represent genuine progressive politics within their respective states.

Here, for example, Georgia’s Stacey Abrams wipes the floor with Republican governor Brian Kemp:

While Abrams wants to increase voter participation, Kemp has been accused of mass voter suppression and “possible cybercrimes“.

And in the words of Democracy in Color president Aimee Allison:

Despite the fact that white nationalists are backing Brian Kemp and he’s using racist language, there’s something more powerful, and, I think, deeply transformational, about the electoral organizing and the campaign that Stacey Abrams represents.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, stands to be the youngest woman elected to Congress. She’s part of a wave of democratic socialists that “business lobbyists, GOP operatives plot to take down” in the mid-term elections.


the reason I posted this article was to highlight what these rabid far left progressives are relay all about when you read this article you will notice there's almost nothing that's actually real politics it is instead all identity politics pure democratic poison.
rather than do an article that says something about there actual policy's all we get is vote for me coz im an oppressed black person or vote for me coz I'm a young strong woman and of course no progressive propaganda is complete without a few slurs against our opponent calling him you guessed it a raciest
Its all progressives know they relay cant help themselves they have been brainwashed in to looking at life through the lens of identity politics everywhere they look all they see is racism and sexism transphobia and what not.
I'm sure most of the supporters of these progressive type of movements inherently believe they are doing good and stamping out injustice in the world but they really don't know what they are asking for, they are supporting collectivism over individualism they want to put perceived minority's with special victim status ahead of others they see as having more advantage in life this means you and your white privilege.
Progressives call this the progressive stack witch is one of the most offensive bigoted things I ever heard of in my life but rather than try explain it ill let the progressives tell you :sick:

Is it any wonder America is a country divided on the brink of civil war when these insane progressives are talking such shit why would any white person ever vote for a movement like that if a vote for a progressive party means you will be treated like a sub class of society and you will automatically be be placed in a category where your opinion is worth less than someone else's.
I prefer individualism myself people are judged case by case everyone is treated as equally as possible and have the same opportunity to speak and will be judged on there merit and actions not something as superficial as race the progressive stack is nothing less than racial discrimination and not the equality they claim to stand for.
Open your eyes people see who the real racists are, the progressives are a warped reverse mirror image of who they claim to be.
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new wave of US progressives could overturn decades of voter supression in mid-terms 08 Nov 2018 09:24 #10859

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America is a Country that is Very much Divided, Now with Republicans winning one House and the Democrats winning the other,
So slowing up any actions, So no clear winners or losers;
Add a deeply Divided Society of Rich & Poor, Just like here in Britain. Huge areas of America are very poor indeed, Add No proper Healthcare,
unless you Pay for it, & a much more limited Welfare then even we have over here.
With the Gun Crazy, Trigger happy population, Its not so much a Question of IF there is Civil War in America........ But When!.
And how close are we to a similar situation right here in Britain ?.
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new wave of US progressives could overturn decades of voter supression in mid-terms 08 Nov 2018 10:35 #10863

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i think here in the UK we have more sence than this and have largely avoided the wave of Marxist progressives but we do have our issues with identity politics mainly when it comes to the way we are tip toeing around issues of crime in migrant community's our media dont want to address the uncomfortable truths coz they are afraid of being labled racist
my biggest issue with these people is that they are openly persueing an agenda of censorship against anyone who opposes them and silicon valley is on there side every time a rabid progressive moment gets offended at something there knee jerk reaction is just to ban anyone controversially speaking out against or simply doing something they don't like
this has a big impact on everyone in the world its not just limited to America there petty identity politics are having a real impact on everyone's freedom of speech on the internet
and they are not shy in telling you how we need more laws against offensive hate speech what they deem to be offensive to them i.e anyone speaking out against them
like that's not vague and dangerous coz we all know offence is more often taken than its given and its not like these progressives don't find everything offensive and feel the need to create safe spaces eh ?

interesting side note collectivism finds its roots in Marxist ideology the same shit Joseph Stalin believed in ......slow clap.... good job progressives you have went so far left you are now communist's espousing the ideology of one of history's most reviled villains :sick:


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