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TOPIC: Compelled speech comes to the UK

Compelled speech comes to the UK 11 Feb 2019 06:58 #14031

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This recent video caught my eye a story reguarding how a TERF was arested for refuseing to adres a trans person by there chosen pronoun for anyone who dosent know what a terf is TERF stands for "trans exclusionary radical feminist" witch basicly means they are feminist who reject trans pepole because they belive a man who transitions in to a woman diminishes what it means to be a woman in there eyes

well it seems the intersectional police have decided that this is a crime and have arrested someone for refusing to buy in to the lie that trans people are actually women

so basically if you don't use the words they want you to use they will put you in prison in an attempt to politically re-educate you this is some incredibly Orwellian shit going down here in the UK its like that bit of 1984 where they torture the guy by asking how many fingers they are holding up is it 4 or 5 they hold up 4 fingers and torture the protagonist to make him accept and believe there are 5 fingers

well if you don't admit trans women are real women you will be punished and sent to prison until you admit they are women this is incredibly messed up shit the British police force are engaging in science denying, the lot of them are refusing to accept basic biology and science to protect some libtard snow flakes feelings, this is yet another violation of freedom of speech being committed by the establishment in order to pander to far left ideologues but this ones different from the the rest because we have moved beyond banning speech to now controlling it this is more sinister than most of you will realise.
the punishment is designed to break you and turn you to there way of thinking and accept there insanity as reality and its pretty scary shit for anyone who refuses to accept the lie.


Britain is becoming a dystopian nightmare right out of George Orwell 1984 I relay worry for the future of this country things just keep getting more and more messed up and its happening at an alarming rate over the last couple of years where will we be a couple of years from now ?

In a gulag at this rate :(

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Compelled speech comes to the UK 11 Feb 2019 08:06 #14033

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Have been saying this for Years, Started all going to shit when Tony Blair came to power,
Out the Window went "Freedom of Speech" Followed by the "Right to Protest", Now almost ANYTHING you Think, Say or Do is labelled "Racist"
And the Police go for you with Maximum Physical Violence, After arrest, You Can be Questioned, ( Beaten & Tortured )
This has happened to me in the past, Thought I was in Some South American Communist Prison Camp, As that is what it felt & Looked like.
Take the Great out of Britain, As Its long Gone.
I Want to Get Out of the UK, soon as I find a way. ;)
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