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TOPIC: Hands2Mouth Project

Hands2Mouth Project 06 Jul 2018 18:03 #9196

This Project was designed to train grassroots activists to train others in Universal Credit. The idea of Regional Hubs and then Community Hubs within those regions was to ensure Advocacy Support (Hand Holding) was available to all with those who had a basic understanding of the rules as charities close down due to the lack of funding and personnel,we would replace it voluntarily rebuilding our communities so no one was left behind. This Project has been delivering workshops across the UK,However we are now in the position to offer a DVD training solution thanks to Open Eye Film Crew who have helped produce the DVD of this workshop. This is not a glossy version this is nuts and bolts approach. There will be a small charge for this Training pack of £10 + £4 P&P. You will get all materials to run a workshop with ease. We are in the position to offer the first 50 training pack that have been produced to grassroots orgs and individual activists.


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Hands2Mouth Project 07 Jul 2018 18:46 #9215

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On the Welfare Central Forum our membership who believe in the principle of keeping themselves and each other aware, informed, advised and helped with issues relating to social benefits free of charge. Their time, effort, skills and experiences are put to best use to that end.

Personally, I can hardly believe that some people in this country can stoop so low and be so callous and unscrupulous as to attempt to exploit the poorest members of society, already under the cosh and sentence of imminent starvation, homelessness and even death, by attempting to charge them for some unknown and unproven so called ‘training pack’ that may or may not improve their lot.

A brief perusal of the Forum will help to educate you as to the sort of issues our members face day in, day out, week in, week out. The DWP ensure that we not only receive plenty of training in, but also experience of the practicalities of falling on hard times, being sick or disabled either mentally or physically, in 21st century Britain.

Some people suffer in silence, some cry out to no avail, yet here you are like some shady quack offering a cure all elixir, for a price. Anyone with a spark of human decency should use their skills and knowledge to help where they can and not see this as an opportunity to exploit for personal gain.

I’m sure you would be more than welcome to use the facilities that this Forum provides to assist us in our active stand to preserve our self respect and dignity, and against austerity and those who would deprive and rob us of the little we have left to live on.

Please note that this post is my own personal opinion and response to your effrontery in attempting to practice your brand of spivvery on this Forum. You have either ignored, or chosen to treat with contempt, the Forum’s policies before attempting to peddle your wares on it.
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Hands2Mouth Project 08 Jul 2018 08:17 #9221

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Sorry Missed this one Yesterday; Indeed Welfare Central Dont Permit Advertising or Product Promotion,
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