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TOPIC: Public Ignorance

Public Ignorance 17 Apr 2018 08:18 #7067

  • Paul-UB40
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Was out having a Pint & Talking to a Group of Lads, When the Topic of Benefits and Sanctions came up,
With my Involvement here with WC im pretty well informed on these things;
So my Heart Sank at the Ignorance shown by this Group, And the repeating "Parrot Fashion" Of the same old lies
and Government crap; Sanctions are used as a last resort, Only people who don't follow proper Guidance by there job advisor have anything to fear;
I almost chocked, :angry: Where the hell do you lot get this utter crap from, Oh it was on the BBC, or in the Sun Newspaper,
[ I have heard the Sun called many things, but "News" never appears in it ]
I was starting to get angry with this Ignorant lot, So tried to explain the facts, No Intreast,
As far as they were concerned they were right and the Unemployed were a load of Scroungers :angry:
I walked away before I started to smash some faces in.

What this nasty encounter shows; is there are many millions of similar Ignorant & Arrogant people
Spoon fed with Goverment Lies and Ballshit;
We have a very Big Fight on our Hand to "Educate Britain" and smash the scum who won't listen to us.
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Public Ignorance 17 Apr 2018 11:22 #7071

  • nemesis 3
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You try ur best with thick heads matey but any sun reader living in Liverpool should be shot anyway .
You say they we're a group of lads you met well as a reporter for this site you have to listen to nob heads sometimes to report it to us.
Very selective who i drink with and where i drink matey.
I do like the irish bars in pool opposite central station and the one on the corner between lime st station and the adelphi hotel where they have the bands on.
Its ok down Matthew st too but to loud for me later on !
Like to sit outside at yates bar on a hot summers day now its bin done up.
Hoping to get down to the new peaky blinders bar in liverpool this summer too .
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Public Ignorance 18 Apr 2018 07:00 #7101

  • Paul-UB40
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Don't get into the Centre of Pool as much as I would like, But the new Peaky Blinders is top of my "Must Do" visit B)


Ref "that Dirt rag paper", still quite a few Newsagents still refuse to sell it; Good on them. ;)
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Public Ignorance 22 Apr 2018 18:35 #7156

  • Verc
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People believe what they want to believe. Some will rob and thieve before claiming benefits such is the stigma about being on the dole. Just my opinion but I think so called proud attitudes like that are more to do with fear. To not understand or even want to understand why there are so many unemployed in Liverpool really does require an astounding level of ignorance though. That sort of thing can make my blood boil especially if caught on a bad day although I handle it better than I used to (most likely through sheer practice). I guess in a way we should at least be grateful that they have the beeb and the sun to keep their shallow minds occupied. All in all it's a shame really because thinking is actually still free and legal B)
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Public Ignorance 23 Apr 2018 17:50 #7172

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They just don`t have a clue Paul and have obviously never claimed Universal Credit or been on the end of a sanction. I`ve met people in my job centre who were sanctioned for petty things and had their money stopped as a result. The true reality of what is happening `behind closed doors` to those who prefer to believe what they read in the headlines just never hits these individuals and when it does (and believe me, it will someday) they will not see it coming.

Job losses, illness, having to make a claim for UC based around their own circumstances and finding out how the system really works.
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