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TOPIC: Craig Murray on the Skripal case

Craig Murray on the Skripal case 06 Sep 2018 15:58 #10085

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Don’t know if this is too off-topic for this forum but thought it would interest some people. The following links are to the blog of Chris Murray the former UK diplomat who is wary of the official narrative about the Skripal case. I agree with him on this.






My own theory about the Skripal case is that Skripal and his daughter are both MI5 agents who both agreed to take part in a staged assassination attempt on them. And so no chemical substances were ever used in this operation.

Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey is also an MI5 agent (and one who has mysteriously disappeared from view), as are Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowely. Sturgess (or whoever the agent is) is not dead. If she had died there would have been media coverage of her funeral. There wasn’t. There was only a single video clip of a hearse with a coffin in it going through a gate to some sort of "compound". There were no onlookers or family members present.

The whole operation was designed to serve as a false flag in order to enable the UK and US to sanction Russia and further demonise it for wanting to be independent geopolitically and not a poodle of the US like the UK and most of Europe is.

That’s just my view.
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Craig Murray on the Skripal case 07 Sep 2018 07:39 #10096

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Nothing is "To off Topic in Chat" :)

Agree this UK-Russia event is more then likley "Staged" just look at the "Weapons of Mass Distruction" scam created so the
UK/USA could invade Iraq :ohmy:
And the countless Wars started by the USA in the last 50 years [ And lost :) ]
World events are important, as sooner or later they will have an impact on us all.
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