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TOPIC: Esa Appeal - First stage

Esa Appeal - First stage & post Op 30 Mar 2017 16:36 #502

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Ok, after realizing the forum theme had changed (and other things im guessing) - I got round to changing my password, finally got in - then realised after bookmarking the original appeal page i was posting in doesnt also work now, im gonna guess I need to continue my post again here.. I wondered why no one was replying to my posts.. :lol:

Yeah, im not too worried about that - the gp im seeing is the one that gave me the two month note - and they were quite understanding so im not too worried. Its just that.. eek, am i gonna get someone that decides nope! im not giving you one. lol once i get upto appeal and that day passes.. well - what will be will be... ill decide from there what ill do based on the outcome. I tried speaking to hospital this morning to find out if i can come off the pills im taking due to the operation - and was told to check with my gp as they should have notes from hospital about that, so ill ask that also while im there! I dont wanna be buying more of these pills if i should be stopping them soon, as i dont wanna pay for them then realize i only need a few. So hopefully ill get things sorted and an answer. :)

Certainly is a lot of help :) I have a couple of friends and people i know that would be able to help to a point, and there's places like cab and such - but having a place like this is useful for the knowledge of many and the quick answers and help you can receive too. :)
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