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TOPIC: Atos At It Again....

Atos At It Again.... 14 Apr 2017 18:27 #1544

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Read this on my news page today. When are these monsters going to be dropped and REAL medical professionals do the assessments for ESA and PIP? I was asked by a NURSE at my ESA assessment, `have you ever thought about killing yourself`? just a few minutes into my ESA assessment last year. My own GP never asks me questions like this and I remember it as if it was asked today. I sat quiet for a moment and felt tears coming to my eyes. Now I don`t get any treatment for depression or anxiety, but it`s part of my having chronic pain and having to endure that day in, day out. So I don`t tend to bring it up very much when I see my GP, but I know I suffer from both. I may not be `as` bad as many people are, but I have noted down the symptoms I have from time to time.

It seems these trained monkeys are still playing the game of suicide as Russian roulette with people and DWP explain it away by changing the subject and saying how much money they spend on mental health. :angry: These people should in in a court for manslaughter.
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Atos At It Again.... 15 Apr 2017 08:43 #1572

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See that yesterday on another forum. Disgusting and no doubt be brushed under the carpet. To be honest if you suffer with chronic pain its only normal you suffer with depression/anxiety. Sure they think that those of us on either JSA ESA and the like have some kind of master plan. There is meant to be a safety net for the vunrable and more and more are being let down.
I def suffer with both less so the anxiety im reluctant to go places i aint been b4 as can make pain worse. Other day i went to a new physio i took sat nav plus printed AA route planner and made sure had break down cover to hand. Back in the day when compared to this you felt like superman you would jump in and go.
During big flair ups id reccomend everyone to talk to someone GP, Samaratans, friends if they aint heard it all b4 as i find talking to GP releases the stress which in itself helps with pain. Luckily ive only had dark thoughts and never acted on it plus very lucky in that i have a supportive family.
Seems with Atos if you aint tried topping yourself your not depressed. Link to post i see metro.co.uk/2017/04/14/woman-with-mental-health-issues-asked-why-havent-you-killed-yourself-in-benefits-assessment-6574438/#ixzz4eFYkxs9k
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