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TOPIC: Is this the end for ESA WRAG group?

Is this the end for ESA WRAG group? 26 Apr 2017 07:49 #2043

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It seems that everyone who has been in the ESA WRAG group are now being assessed and told they're fit for work. I know people who have serious, long term conditions such as emphysema, partial sight and learning difficulties who are now miraculously 'fit for work'. Could it be that that if you come off ESA and go on JSA you will then get less money, and if put back on to ESA you'll then count as a new claiment and only get paid the lower rate of JSA, that is now paid to new claiments.
The stress people are under is ridiculous, but what can you do? You can't win as you have to go on JSA or starve!
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Is this the end for ESA WRAG group? 26 Apr 2017 13:40 #2049

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Hi Dizzy. I don`t know about the `end` of the WRAG, but certainly, under Universal Credit is doesn`t come under the same title. It`s known as LCW (Limited Capability for Work). Support groups is LCWRA (Limited Capability for Work Related Activity).

As from April this year, new ESA WRAG claims will only receive the same as JSA, yes. So the £29. extra I receive won`t be given to new claims. I only get that extra money because my ESA claim is continual, although it could well have been removed had I not won my appeal late last year. So I will keep getting it as long as my claim stays the same.

I think what most people thrown off ESA WRAG should do if they have no choice but to claim JSA or UC after an unsuccessful appeal, is to see their GP or any other specialist/consultant they have been seeing and ask for a letter or a clear explanation of your condition and it`s limitations on you and also apply all the logic you can to your personal circumstances and present this to your job centre before drawing up a clamant commitment because that is when you will be agreeing to their demands like hours you can work, distance you can travel and anything else you agree or disagree with. Any work or work related activity would need to be `reasonable` in your circumstances, so this is the time to apply your situation. As long as you are agreeing to look for jobs `up to` 16 hours a week and apply the above, anyone with ongoing chronic conditions should not be treated as being `normal` in the same sense as someone who doesn`t have these restrictions.

I`ve had two fit for work decisions while claiming ESA. The first one I managed to overturn at Mandatory Reconsideration, although this rarely seems to happened these days as it seems like a time wasting excersize. The second one on appeal. Which was easier than I thought it would have been, so I was worrying over nothing, but it`s a stressful situation to be in regardless.

As long as the esa assessment rate is available hen appealing, you don`t need to make a claim for ESA, but if the appeal fails, then you have to wait six months to be able to re-claim ESA for either a significantly worsening of your conditions, or for a new condition. It`s all a bit of a game really, but if you need to play it, DO it.
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