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TOPIC: Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests

Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests 13 Jul 2017 12:43 #3638

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Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests
Work capability assessment 'creates unnecessary preventable harm', says researcher.

Posted by Mo Stewart - Jul 3, 2017

Disabled veteran and researcher in disability studies, Mo Stewart, has written the following letter to DWP minister Penny Mordaunt:

Re: Stewart M 2017: State Crime By Proxy: corporate influence on state sanctioned social harm

Thank you for your letter of 31st May 2017 and please be advised that this response is an open letter, and will be published online.

It remains cause for concern that you continue to disregard all independent detailed evidence identified for you, and place your trust in discredited (1) government commissioned research and in the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (the Centre), as funded by Maximus. The company has a very disturbing reputation (2) Minister, which has been disregarded by the government when offering this American company a lucrative contract to seemingly cause as much preventable harm as possible, on their behalf, when conducting the enforced and totally discredited assessment of disabled people.(3)

More Here;

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Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests 13 Jul 2017 13:16 #3643

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How many pepole need to tell these ase clowns that there system is bull and failing the british public before they acept it, i swear i dont think ive ever seen a goverment deny all evidance and common sence as much as this lot even when people go home and commit suicide because of there inept hearltess decision makeing policys they still have the adaucity to say to the press that they have re examined the case and still belive they have made the right decision................ :blink:
If they had made the right decision these people would still be alive you morrons :angry: there system is corrupt as fuck and has no interest in fair medical assesments, they ignore all the evidance presented to them by other qualified medical preffesionals who are more familiar with the patiants history and go ahead and make there hearltes decisions based on a quick 10 min interview and usualy allways go against all the evidance presented to thme and score everyone they can zero points.
I would sorely love to see an undercover investigation of the attos recruitment and induction training and the decision makeing process going on behind closed doors i bet it would be a real eye opener to the british public.
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