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TOPIC: The UK Government Is Planning To Set Up A Regulator For The Internet

The UK Government Is Planning To Set Up A Regulator For The Internet 21 Sep 2018 12:06 #10247

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The UK Government Is Planning To Set Up A Regulator For The Internet

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has obtained details of plans being drawn up by ministers that also include a compulsory code of conduct and age verification for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Posted on September 20, 2018, at 4:52 p.m.
Alex Wickham

The UK government is preparing to establish a new internet regulator that would make tech firms liable for content published on their platforms and have the power to sanction companies that fail to take down illegal material and hate speech within hours, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Under legislation being drafted by the Home Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) due to be announced this winter, a new regulatory framework for online “social harms” would be created.

BuzzFeed News has obtained details of the proposals, which would see the establishment of an internet regulator similar to Ofcom, which regulates broadcasters, telecoms, and postal communications.

Home secretary Sajid Javid and culture secretary Jeremy Wright are considering the introduction of a mandatory code of practice for social media platforms and strict new rules such as "takedown times" forcing websites to remove illegal hate speech within a set timeframe or face penalties.

Ministers are also looking at implementing age verification for users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A promise to regulate the internet was buried at the back of the Conservative manifesto for last year's general election. "Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet," the manifesto stated. "We disagree."

The new proposals are still in the development stage and are due to be put out for consultation later this year. A spokesperson for the government confirmed it is "considering all options", including a regulator.

Read full shocking report Here;
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The UK Government Is Planning To Set Up A Regulator For The Internet 21 Sep 2018 13:08 #10249

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Yet another blow against true freedom of speech i hate this kinda shit the term hate speech is so vauge and i see it being used often by the liars from the mainstream media to describe anything that dosent agree with there extreme progressive narrative and sudo Marxist social engineering and failing attempt to push there brand of social justice in almost every aspect of society and i can attest to this as a consumer who had a front row seat for gamer gate and comic-gate magic-gate ect
These media outlets are pushing an agenda and they are not afraid to use underhanded tactics to smear anyone who speaks out against these movements and call them Nazis and make accusations of hate speech
For anyone who dosent know about the consumer backlash against this push i highly recommend you do some research on the Gate incidents i mentioned and you will quickly see exactly what I am talking about, and how every mainstream media outlet is attempting to brand there opinions as racist/mysoganist hate groups and as someone who actually participated in gamergate i can tell you it was not about mysigony we simply wanted these SJW's to stop trying to censor our games with there lies attempting to take advantage of the ill informed good nature of the public by acting like the victim when they receive backlash for spreading there bigotry

It dosent surprise me that buzzfeed is celebrating this news because they are one of the worst culprits in this moment who have been spreading misinformation makeing broad statements that they NEVER back up with real evidence they have hijacked movements that seem inherently good and have poisoned them .
The best example of this would be feminism something i used to think was an inherently good movement and a great force for change for the better that has now been poisoned by people like Anita Sarkeesian and ultimately destroyed the good reputation of the movement with there agresive confrontational misandry they are the first to break godwins law and accuse there opponents of being a nazi because there arguments are so damn weak. They cant actual put up an intellect argument so they resort to demonising anyone who disagrees with them.
These movements are the first to attempt to deplatfrom or censor anyone who disagrees with them and thats an awful way to approach this what we need is more freedom of speech these topics need to be debated openly and the good ideas will be successful and the bad ideas will fail

Sorry for the rant but as someone who has been called a sexist nazi by these f**ktards its a topic i have come to feel strongly about.
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