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TOPIC: Universal Jobmatch (UJM) Horrible History

Universal Jobmatch (UJM) Horrible History 29 Nov 2017 00:35 #5110

Ever since the contract to run the DWP's Universal Jobmatch was awarded to a company called Monster in late 2012 it has been plagued by controversy.

A Freedom of Information request in early 2014 revealed that Monster should not have been awarded the contract at all, coming last in the bidding on value for money.

The two companies who won the tender, the DWP had two job search sites back then, were awarded £950,000 and the sites were put out to tender again. Surprise, surprise, Monster won the tender at the second attempt.

Allegations of foul play, insider-dealing and corruption were rife at the time and as far as I know the real truth about what went on remains obscure to this day.

Controversy continued to plague the site. We take up the story again in October 2016 with an exchange of FOI posts at the following link:


A thorough perusal of this link, including all the links and the case referenced in it, would be well worth the effort and more than enough to convince even the thickest JCP adviser of the folly of pushing claimants to use it.
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Universal Jobmatch (UJM) Horrible History 29 Nov 2017 06:57 #5111

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Think I can speak for most members on here, That Universal Job match is seen as utter rubbish and widely ignored;
There are many far better sites, And annoyingly The Roaches Know It :(
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Universal Jobmatch (UJM) Horrible History 29 Nov 2017 09:06 #5114

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I was asked to set up a UJM account a few years ago by a coach I was seeing while on ESA because she insisted that it`s better to have an account `up and running` incase I was found fit for work. I was found fit for work (funny that eh?) and the account was ready and waiting for me when I then claimed JSA at the time. I used the site to look at the jobs etc....but still didn`t grasp all the functionality of the site. In the end, I started dabbling with it`s `tools` and stupidly asked it to match my skills to jobs and it started to list jobs that were not even matching my skills and by doing so, just raised my stress levels wondering what I should be doing with these jobs that came up. In the end, someone on the old Unmove forum told me just to ignore them, which I did (because you can`t delete them).

I am now aware that using this site is just a magnet for trouble and have looked at other ways of recording job search like a daily journal listing all the actions taken, any jobs applied for and the times listed each day adding up to the five hours they now say claimants have to achieve under Universal Credit.

Thanks to the template examples on this site and to jobber (member) I have some other avenues I can look at in the future should I need to. If there is no rule that states we MUST use UJM and not just have an active account, then we should look elsewhere.
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