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TOPIC: Wednesday Night Channel 4 at 9:00pm

Wednesday Night Channel 4 at 9:00pm 06 Feb 2018 16:54 #6073

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My Millionaire Migrant Boss. Self-made millionaire Marwan Koukash takes on four British unemployed people to work in his hotel and stables. I know this guy from being a horse racing fan. He loves Chester racecourse and owns a string of different horses in training. Most of his horses names start with Gabriel or have Gabriel in their titles as that`s his son`s name! Gabriel`s Angel, Gabriel`s Kaka being two.

I can`t help but wonder though why these programmes seem to put foreign workers against our own when we have higher overheads. We can`t work for £5.00 an hour because we ae not seasonal workers or can afford to work for less. That`s what the idiots don`t get across. Don`t know if this programme will be any different, but lets see.
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Wednesday Night Channel 4 at 9:00pm 06 Feb 2018 20:34 #6076

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Hmmm 'self made' eh? Wonder what the family were doing in Kuwait that enabled him to move to Britain, I'm skeptical of the premise money just appears. In any case the underlying message will be the usual propaganda brow beating 'lazy & work shy' Britains, if an immigrant can be successful in life why can't you?
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Wednesday Night Channel 4 at 9:00pm 06 Feb 2018 21:11 #6077

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I once enquired after a job vegetable picking and the man I spoke to had an east european accent. The pay side seemed a little confusing. It was live on site even though I said I could travel as am in a neighbouring town, this was not permitted as the accommodation (open plan portacabins research later revealed were rife with thefts between fellow workers) was fixed in with the wages. When I pressed on about this (trying to get around it) and was asked if I was British he got very disinterested when I confirmed it. Fool here should have at least said I am half French. I am kind of glad I didn't end up doing that now but desperation can lead us into such traps very easily, not always so easy to get out of.

The times I have shouted out loud 'why don't they mention this or that?'. Supposed masters of the economy like Digby Jones got involved in one programme about fisheries in Aberdeen. The boss mentioned that some of the British workers couldn't hack it after a couple of weeks and this was assumed to be down to laziness - what all of them? More like they found out straight away that with housing costs the general expense of living, their job didn't provide enough income and this is a more practical reason for it being so commonly not working out. And this was pre UC so one can only imagine the situation now when some will already be getting demands from landlords.

UC was supposed to simplify the benefits system all that it has achieved is to complicate the transition into work. Instead the government should have employed people to work alongside all existing agencies to ensure everything is nicely joined up and running smoothly to help the hardworking workforce they regularly claim to identify with - instead of assuming one stupid little tin pot idea was going to just automatically run itself overnight. So don't be surprised if our new fix all benefit is also conspicuous by its absence never mind updating us on the progress of the unfortunate victims falling for the line any job is better than no job at all even if you haven't got any money for doing that job and your kids are starving to death.

Another one these programme makers tend to have selective amnesia about is that litte old chestnut; references. I recall one episode of fairy jobmother (very appropriate title for somebody living on planet gaga) which was followed by a flood of online comments either seeking clarification for the fact we no longer need references or actually assuming this was already being confirmed through the programme, it didn't even discuss the matter. The exercise seems to over simplify both the jobs market and peoples intelligence. Ultimately the majority of them cannot be that bothered about the situation nor have much experience of it if they overlook that sort of thing.

I did catch a bit of R5L the last couple of afternoon's and they are talking about poverty all week. The presenter is going out to one location per topic each day. This sounds like it is being aired live although I am not certain, it doesn't seem edited anyway. One of the young people today was talking a bit controversial, the sort of thing I think they would have edited out. Yesterday had a group of young women including single mums going into the reality of missing meals whilst also on low pay not just on benefits. One of the days, I am not sure is going to focus on the weakness of the benefits system itself. These programmes are probably available afterwards so I might go through them all later where I can FF. What has already come across is the overall difficulties just getting on because of the complexities whereby entitlement is dependent on factors a,b, c...leaving some people not qualifying for anything or child care costs nullifying the point of somebody single taking a job in the first place.

The climate right now is extremely discouraging, like a minefield and I really get the impression the vast majority of people going into new jobs are through absolutely desperation, ignorance or a mixture of the two. That the obvious solution: to make getting a job both straightforward and practical hasn't been created by this or the previous govt is because of a) incompetence or b) vindictiveness.

Politicians tend to expect us to have short memories but Britain was the cradle of the industrial revolution, something we used to celebrate through generations in the school curriculum, it wasn't just about scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs it also says something about our workforce which is now being done a huge disservice by those supposedly representing it. Eventually the truth always comes out, problem is birds tended to have flown by then. We need a more working democracy that extends beyond election night and ties govts to promises with penalties for failure. And this govt has already failed, failed miserably to create new actual real full time adequately paid jobs for a cost of living running of control. So whoever might end up being labeled lazy through such programmes, good or bad, they are products of our society and if that is failing we know where the buck stops.
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