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Coming here soon! 24 Sep 2018 04:29 #10284

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Watched a very disturbing documentary last night on how Ireland and notably Dublin; has been devastated by the greedy bwankers.

Apparently it got to such a stage out there that the atm's were litrally on the verge of closing similar to what happened in Greece.

Although this docu is filmed in 2012, the economic signs are still fresh there and particularly over here.

A certain talk radio station have been running a Universal Credit fits all add campaign and makes me wanna puke!! everytime that add comes on.I hope someone are paying the station well !

The financial crisis of 2008 has never really been over in my opinion and listening to the so called financial whi city whiz kids on bloomberg sounds like the next one will be on a scale off the planet.

Still not to worry MR and Mrs TORY we can still buy a loaf of bread and carton of milk go to work full time have bugger all left at the end of the week and still be able to top up our 'earnings' with UC :lol: :evil: :whistle:

The worst is yet to come and the 'elite' out there are playing it down for all 'their' worth. :evil:

IMO, we are living in a very FALSE economy and only 1% are profiting from it on an obscene scale.

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Coming here soon! 24 Sep 2018 08:43 #10286

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Indeed we are heading for a all time Huge Crash, Reading between the lines, and what is being said on Social Media,
Radio & TV, Big time shit will hit the fans in the next 18 months, More so after the Brexit disaster,
Think 1929 Crash but 100 times worse.
The rise and rise in property prices will hit the rich B) when the housing bubble bursts at the same time as the Global crash.
When in a year or two, when we are huddled over a smokey fire in our caves; we will think back to 2018 as the "Age of Plenty"
Cause the future is looking bleak.
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