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TOPIC: Fit For Work under The Tories.Really!!

Fit For Work under The Tories.Really!! 10 Oct 2018 17:18 #10481

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Maybe they forgot to add that "work will always make you better."

This lot will go down in history as the sickest meanness political party ever imho.

"The whole process of claiming was lengthy. It took two months to get a response to my initial application" This alone is a total disgrace and should have been dealt with by a phone call.I hope her family will take her local MP to task on this.Its a bullshit of a system not fit for purpose, someone with cancer should be a MAJOR priority to receive all and any benefits due to them.What part dont this benefits process dont theses planks get.

When something as logical and medically straightforward to access by evidence given such as this case, then what half wit working in government is failing splendidly in ensuring this poor woman was not ticking the correct boxes ?

Further for cancer patients there should be 1 single form in place already to go signed by a GP that bypasses all other bullshit administration at the dwp,"Simples"you would think.

"benefits assessor decided I didn't need any help with caring for myself while battling cancer and chemotherapy." Then its clear to me these admin clerks need psychotherapy to help them with help on helping them how to decide :) :whistle: :evil:

Hope i am ok to say this while we still have freedom of speech...don't we! :whistle: :evil:

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Fit For Work under The Tories.Really!! 11 Oct 2018 09:38 #10497

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Someone very close to me went though chemo a few years ago and I can tell you now that you vomit from the treatment, you lose all your hair and have to attend a cancer based hospital on a daily/weekly basis for around six months of your treatment plan. Then depending on your `type` of cancer means further appointments with clinicians and oncology specialists, not to mention that many of these hospitals are miles from where you live and if you don`t have access to a family car, you have to rely on patient transport and not getting home until after 7:00pm in the evening while waiting on other patients to be taken home on the way.

On the ESA50 form when making a claim for ESA, there is a page for cancer patients to fill in only and return the form. But what happens from there I don`t know. I imagine it`s fast tracked though, but the reality is probably very different.

Stories like this are all too common and May doesn`t give a shit, neither does her government.
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