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TOPIC: Manchester demonstrators: “People are dying under these austerity measures.”

Manchester demonstrators: “People are dying under these austerity measures.” 09 Nov 2017 14:11 #4836

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3 October 2017

Paul and Sarah
Paul said, “We are newly qualified nurses. During our training over the last three years, we have been to various wards across London so we have seen the devastation that has occurred because of the cuts and privatisation.
“We are here today because we want the Tories out. They want an American-style health system and what they can’t privatise, they’ll cut.”
Paul had worked at Bart’s hospital, “which has a huge Private Finance Initiative (PFI) debt—it’s the most expensive hospital project in the history of PFI. To pay the increased debt they cut back on the nurses and its caused all sorts of problems. It means ultimately that our patients are in danger, their food is getting cold, and their medication is not getting to them on time. It’s demoralising and so consequently it’s no wonder that we need so many nurses.
“We are starting out on a new career, but all we see is constant heartache. We work with mental health patients and if anything they are suffering even more.

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Manchester demonstrators: “People are dying under these austerity measures.” 09 Nov 2017 14:36 #4839

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You know, I`m not sure if the vast majority of folks in the UK are either not bothered, or uneducated about what is going on around them in regards to `those at the top` milking every piece of infrastructure in our country and bleeding it dry in the belief that they will `make things better for everyone` lie. Hearing a story on the BBC news last night about a landlord who is allowing people to live in (what used to be a large office block) on an industrial estate near London and raking in £1 million a year in HOUSING benefit? These individuals are people who were private renting and the landlord sold the house they lived in or they were homeless for other reasons and were staying in a one bedroom facility with a sink and a microwave. Some with children.

What the HELL is going on in this country and WHY are we all not seeing May and her government as the enemy of the state? Here we are, being slowly herded into a controlling welfare system that is Universal Credit, or as someone called it, the penal system for the poor and even with all the calls for it to be halted or scrapped, nobody seems to be listening? Or they are listening but not acting upon their words of wisdom. Is it now the case that if someone has their benefit money stopped, this is the start to a slippery slope to hell? Or are we still being led to believe it`s just the few who don`t conform to the rules and don`t seek the so called `help` that is available? What bloody help? Loans, debt and the depressive state that brings with it for many souls.
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