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TOPIC: Corbyn Sets Out Bold Alternative To The Tories

Corbyn Sets Out Bold Alternative To The Tories 17 Apr 2017 08:32 #1674

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APR 2017 Friday 14TH “BRITAIN doesn’t have to be so meek.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for a stronger and fairer country outlined in Doncaster yesterday is a breath of fresh air because it challenges the helpless pessimism that pervades our political life.
For decades we have been subjected to the pernicious Tory dogma known as Tina: “There is no alternative.”
The mantra that deregulation, privatisation and outsourcing are the only options for our economy began with Thatcher.
The state has steadily abandoned what former generations saw as its responsibilities, from the provision of high-quality public services such as health, education and transport to an interventionist economic strategy encompassing fair development and wealth redistribution. In so doing, it has removed democratic control over the economy. And that cuts at the heart of democracy itself.
Liberal mythologists praise the “wisdom” of markets. The endless fluctuation of prices and the decisions to buy and sell made by millions of individuals supposedly produce better and more democratic outcomes than a planned economy could.
The evidence suggests otherwise, however: Britain, whose workforce has suffered the biggest drop in living standards of any European country bar Greece since the 2008 crash, has learnt that to its cost.

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