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TOPIC: What Britain Needs Is A People’s Brexit

What Britain Needs Is A People’s Brexit 29 Jun 2017 08:52 #3448

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JUN 2017 Monday 26TH posted by Morning Star in Features

The Tories are a zombie government deluded with notions of a bygone, imperial age. It falls to Labour to show the young that another Britain is possible, says MANUEL CORTES

JEREMY CORBYN’s appearance on the main stage at Glastonbury on Saturday was inspiring. Tens of thousands cheered as he called out the anti-Donald Trump slogan: “Build bridges, not walls.” Jeremy should consider further adapting that hugely popular slogan to make it a guiding principle at the heart of Labour’s Brexit strategy.
The last general election changed everything. Another world does now indeed look possible and will be ushered in when Labour is elected when — not if — the next election is called. A Tory Brexit is no longer inevitable.
How different the political landscape looks from eight short weeks ago. Corbyn’s Labour government at the helm of the Brexit negotiations is now a very likely prospect.
As a government-in-waiting, now is the right time for us to offer the hope of a people’s Brexit, which would steer Britain away from the cliff edge to which the Tory/Ukip self-interested gamble has driven our country’s relationship with Europe, and the futures of the legions of newly politicised young people who want hope now and for their futures.
The Labour Party’s top priorities during negotiations are our jobs, our economy and our prosperity.
We are clear, that we want tariff-free access to the single market and no new non-tariff burdens for businesses. We have also said that the exact mechanisms to achieve this are less important than ensuring our jobs, our economy and our living standards are protected, rather than damaged by Brexit.

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What Britain Needs Is A People’s Brexit 01 Jul 2017 10:20 #3485

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There is no such a thing as people's Brexit. It is all about removing the residual workers and human rights. Congratulations to all of you who voted Brexit. You've f****d it up for the younger generations.
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