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TOPIC: You’re Forgiven For Gloating

You’re Forgiven For Gloating 09 Oct 2017 08:54 #4500

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You’re Forgiven For Gloating

OCT 2017 Monday 9TH posted by Morning Star in Editorial

AS THE Tories fight each other like ferrets in a transparent sack, Labour leaders can be forgiven a little glee at the spectacle.
For two years, the Establishment and right-wing media — helped by some Labour MPs — have been traducing Jeremy Corbyn and his team on a grand scale, daily.
He has been mocked, ridiculed and damned as an incompetent, unpatriotic terrorist sympathiser.
No lie or smear has been too outrageous, right down to the charges of anti-semitism, misogyny and thuggishness hurled at his supporters in Momentum and the wider labour movement.
Yet now the jackals are devouring their own. Five days after her calamitous conference speech, Tory ministers, ex-ministers, MPs and MEPs are still knocking lumps out of each other as Theresa May’s regime stumbles on, divided and directionless.
As former deputy prime minister Willie Whitelaw once put it after a piece of Labour misfortune: “Mustn’t gloat. Bad form to gloat. Mustn’t do it. No, no, no. Well I can tell you, I’m gloating like Hell.” But amid the gloating, the Labour Party leadership must remember to conduct itself as a government in waiting, recognising the gravity of Britain’s position at the present juncture.

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