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TOPIC: What is the 'gig' economy?

What is the 'gig' economy? 11 Jul 2017 07:38 #3621

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By Bill Wilson

A tribunal found courier Maggie Dewhurst should be classed as a worker
What is the so-called "gig" economy, a phrase increasingly in use, and seemingly so in connection with employment disputes?
According to one definition, it is "a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs".
And - taking opposing partisan viewpoints - it is either a working environment that offers flexibility with regard to employment hours, or... it is a form of exploitation with very little workplace protection.
The latest attempt to bring a degree of legal clarity to the employment status of people in the gig economy has been playing out in the Court of Appeal.
A London firm, Pimlico Plumbers, on Friday lost its appeal against a previous ruling that said one of its long-serving plumbers was a worker - entitled to basic rights, including holiday pay - rather than an independent contractor.
Like other cases of a similar nature, such as those involving Uber and Deliveroo, the outcome will now be closely scrutinised for what it means regarding the workplace rights of the millions of people employed in the gig economy in the UK.
In the gig economy, instead of a regular wage, workers get paid for the "gigs" they do, such as a food delivery or a car journey.
In the UK it's estimated that five million people are employed in this type of capacity.

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What is the 'gig' economy? 11 Jul 2017 09:07 #3623

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Gig economy, probably for big companies trading in the UK employing the services of people acting as self employed to avoid all employee benefits.

They dress it up as though the person say driving a van delivering parcels is their own boss and can work as many or as little hours as they want until that person sees they need to deliver X amount of parcels and get paid as little as 35p per drop.

Fuel cost and van costs all fall on the head of the "self employed individual."

Joke centre love to push people towards this nice little number which wont work out too well if your on the fantastic Universal Credit shambles.
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What is the 'gig' economy? 13 Jul 2017 01:42 #3636

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The "Gig Economy " is the future.
Regular jobs will become scarcer and scarcer, the preserve of the highly specialised or the sinecure for the friends of the elite.

This is actually a non revertible trend. Is part of parcel of technological advancement on a global scale.
In itself it is not a bad thing. One create an activity "ad hoc", and when it is not needed anymore everybody goes its separate ways.

What it is needed is a UBI type of baseline.
No amount of "living wages" or incentives to business can summon up something that no longer exist or it is needed.

We are able to buy a cheap piece of electronic gadgetry, because it ha been made all over the world and put together in China or wherever.
Its creation is a more logical use of resources (exploitation is a factor but not the most important).
One can think of steelworks, for example, to take them back in the country would require building them far from the main centres of goods exchange. Much more logical take, perhaps a half finish produce and refine it to specialised use (like they do in Germany).
Trade has always been, from great antiquity, one of the main sources of wealth.

Try to reverse it is simply not logical and in extreme case would only result in creating an oppressive and dirty poor society, like in North Korea, which in spite of propaganda is far from being self sufficient even in her basic necessities.

The challenge is not to ark back to an industrialist dream, cleansed of all the horrors that came with it, but to oblige the extant elites to relinquish from part of their wealth and influence and re-engineer society around a humanistic philosophy. One that is centred on individual rights and a baseline of living standards.

Not, frankly anything dramatically new, rather the continuation of the same ideals of the Enlightenment in a global technological setting.

A long road, no doubt, difficult and bloody but necessary both for us and the world as a whole.

To eliminate unemployment one needs only to eliminate the unemployed
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