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TOPIC: Homeless Britain Today

Homeless Britain Today 26 Jan 2018 07:42 #5899

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Spotted this letter on Kate Belgrave Blog; I Think it sums up Britain Today;

January 25, 2018 at 21:13 said:

Hi Kate,

And i apologise for the very long post but, i have to get this off my chest!!

What is sad is that you cannot split the actual homeless into “homeless” & “Street homeless” homeless is homeless, there is no difference!!
This was only brought about by that pure EVIL BITCH of a PM around Xmas time trying her worst to defend the number of homeless children waking up without a roof over their heads Xmas morning without a single present to open as their parents could not afford any!!, that She actually said,, “at least they’re not sleeping in shop doorways on the streets”, what an incredible statement from an evil BITCH of a PM to make!!!
The 6th richest country in the world & the leader of that country makes a statement like that!!!! Doesn’t it say it all!??

Has anyone actually stopped to think that this Bitch running this country doesn’t have any kids?? so why should she bother what state she leaves the country in when she’s long gone!!???

I spent Xmas eve making up loads of sandwiches & food with my better half who spends many hours volunteering her time to help the homeless, for homeless shelters where we live & on the way home i couldn’t speak as i was in tears! I was in tears thinking about all those people I saw that night, that would wake up Xmas morning with no one there to say “Merry Christmas” if only the PM could experience that feeling, I’m pretty sure, (well I hope but very much doubt) the Bitch may then get a heart that actually gives a shit about the people of the country she actually represents!!!!????

So Tresamay, the very worst PM in the history of our once great country that is currently on its knees due to this totally Shite government making a complete shambles of running it!!
This country & how it’s being run makes me so very very sick to the stomach & to use the words of Mr Trump, and it’s putting it VERY Politely, this country really is a complete SHITHOLE!!
Every single MP that has a say in how this country is being run should face time in prison for their crimes against humanity. Everyone of them has the blood on their hands of every disabled person that has committed suicide due to all the cuts as they couldn’t see any other way out as there is no help for them when this government strip them of their livelihood!!
They’re all as bad as each other for failing to stand up for their constituents that actually voted them in!!

The unfortunate ones that went for an ESA assessment to be claimed they were “fit to work” even though their very own Dr said they weren’t, yet the DWP said they were due to a very unqualified so called “Healthcare Professional” who knows nothing at all about the daily struggles that person they’re assessing faces day after day & are not even qualified to make that decision!!!
Yet it doesnt matter as the government pay the company that work for them every single year very many £millions to hit targets!!!
They have the blood on their hands of the people who didnt know any other way out!!
They have blood on their hands of the ones who actually died in the back of an ambulance as there were no beds for them to be treated in time.
They have the blood on their hands of the ones who died actually waiting for that ambulance to arrive yet, due to the cuts made by this barbaric inhumane government, didnt get there in time!!!
I could go on & on but i won’t as I’ll just end up one of those numbers through a bloody heart attack from getting so wound up!!
Theresa May would’ve been hung drawn & quartered years ago for what she’s doing now. And I just prey that the people of this once great country actually WAKE UP & vote this evil Witch out before she does anymore damage to this country that many millions died for in WW1 & WW2 that would be turning in their graves right now if they could see just what this evil cow was doing to the country that they fought so very hard for!!!

May God help us!!

My Sentiments completely :angry:
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