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TOPIC: Is It Worth It ?

Is It Worth It ? 20 May 2018 18:58 #7744

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Just thinking, As I was sat out in the sunshine this afternoon;
Is it worth signing on at all ?
With all the ballshit of the Job Centre, UC, FAJ, and Sanctions for nothing at every turn,
Why Sign on ?
I would expect most fit and able people could find "Black Economy" work, No questions asked;
Guess the biggest problem would be finding/paying for a place to sleep.
Anyone thought about alternatives to signing on ?.
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Is It Worth It ? 20 May 2018 21:03 #7747

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Why sign on? Is it worth it?

The point about fit and able recipients of benefits is well made. Even though there might be no job security working in the black economy and it’s a dog eat dog world where one’s chance of getting work from day to day depends on first come first served and on how far one is prepared to go in undercutting the rates acceptable to ones’ fellow workers and workers generally. But, as you say, if one is fit and able one can follow the work and vie for the better jobs, or better paid jobs.

However, DWP figures would suggest that most of those in receipt of benefits are working people already who, because of the low wage economy, can’t earn enough in their jobs to survive on. Many others suffer from mental and physical impediments and disabilities that will prevent them from getting or carrying out work of even a basic kind. But for benefits they could not survive for long.

Signing on for benefits per se is not a big issue, Battling constantly to overcome the hurdles and trying to avoid the obstacle placed in one’s path, sometimes deliberately, is the problem. Unless the law is changed, and this cultural shift encouraged in society in order to demonise benefit recipients, I see no other alternative for ascertaining who is eligible.

Old age pensions and pension credits are paid out without signing for them every other week. I think they are left to their own devices when it comes to reporting any change of circumstances. If it works satisfactorily for them why should it not work for other benefit claimants?

Could it be that other benefit claimants are not to be trusted? Clamping down on rogue employers, cowboy traders and builders and gang-masters might be a more helpful way of controlling the black economy and removing the temptation for able bodied claimants to cheat. It is ironic that its usually the types who will employ casual tradesmen or handymen at a pittance that shout the loudest about benefit scroungers as well.

With all due respect though Paul, a word of caution, sitting out in the hot sun too long can have serious repercussions.
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Is It Worth It ? 21 May 2018 12:35 #7751

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Whilst signing on your national insurance is being paid so if we aint gone full sharia by then hopefully you will get a state pension. Well worth volunteering for the right person/company who will reward you for your efforts. Gd reference, food but defently not cash :lol: ;)
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