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TOPIC: UKIP pensions idea...

UKIP pensions idea... 30 May 2017 14:16 #2887

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Was googling a few news articles and looking through some of the political agendas for the up-coming election and it seems UKIP have a pensions idea to give everyone the right to claim their state pension earlier....but for a lower amount! I think this came up a while back on the UM forum (by member smudge?) and I recall reading it there.

I don`t support UKIP :sick: But I do like the initiative. Might be likened to a UBI (unconditional basic income) and living within our means so to speak, in return for being allowed to retire from this magic merry go round we find ourselves on. But they don`t mention whether anyone accepting this lower pension limit would see any yearly increase in line with wages or inflation or whether they would get the winter fuel allowance etc....as add-on`s as is currently the case.

I actually think this is a good idea in principle, but it`s only a pipedream on paper just now and only UKIP seem to be looking at it. Chances of it ever becoming policy are slim. Shame, because if they introduced this and said you can retire at 60 on a state pension of X amount and still receive some pensions perks, I think people would consider it. For me, if I felt I could survive on the sum they stated, I would grab it with two hands. But will a policy like this every become reality?

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