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TOPIC: London Demonstration: Class Politics To The Fore

London Demonstration: Class Politics To The Fore 03 Jul 2017 08:29 #3507

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JUL 2017 Monday 3RD posted by Morning Star in Editorial

Question: what links the NHS cuts, the Grenfell Tower disaster and yesterday’s massive People’s Assembly demonstration against Theresa May’s Tory government?
Answer: the politics of class.

Britain is a society deeply divided on lines of economic class and has been, in different ways, for many centuries.
Since the demise of feudalism that division has reflected the fact that in capitalist society, the owners of capital hold most of the wealth and power. The role of workers and their families has been to spend much of their lives performing labour for capitalists or their state and rearing the next generation of labour power.
Although the capitalist class — those whose wealth derives from their ownership of economic and financial assets — comprise no more than 10 per cent of the population, their interests are mis-presented as being those of Britain as a whole.
In particular, the Conservative Party, the Lib Dems and a large section of the Parliamentary Labour Party promote policies which represent the capitalist status quo.
The left and sections of the labour movement, on the other hand, have sought to defend and extend the real interests of the working class, within the limits set by capitalist society and — in the case of socialists and Communists — by breaking through those limits to socialism.
Two of the historic victories of the 20th century were the establishment of the NHS and the spread of social housing.

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