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TOPIC: Scotland to trial UBI

Scotland to trial UBI 10 Sep 2017 13:51 #4166

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Found this article online but it was highlighted in other newspapers too. I would love this to become reality, but like all good things, this will be trodden on by anyone who thinks it`s ` a `something for nothing` hand out because their mindset has been educated to be that of a plankton.


Now this is all here say at the moment and we know how long it take a politician to change a lightbulb....but I (as a Scot) can only hope this highlights something that WILL work and encourages a vote on it when the timing is right. Funding is always going to be the moot point, but we can dream. I personally think the amount of money they are considering could be reduced since JSA currently pays £73.10 a week and this is proposing nearly double this amount to be paid. I can speak for myself here that if I got a letter stating I could be paid this weekly amount in JSA (or UBI as proposed) and not have to do anything for it except be able to sleep better at night, I would grab it with both hands without any doubling of the amount and live within my meagre means since we are used to it anyway.

This also includes housing benefit and any disability benefits paid too apparently, so it`s a win, win situation for all. Except the Tories will stamp on it from day one because they will say productivity would tumble and we can`t have that now, can we.....
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