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TOPIC: Basic Income & Billionaire preppers

Basic Income & Billionaire preppers 01 Apr 2017 16:04 #775

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Basic Income & Billionaire preppers

"In today’s networked age we are seeing a change that will have a bigger impact than the industrial revolution on human society. As machines have become smarter the need to have a worker guiding their actions has shrunk and shrunk. We have reached the stage where very complex operations like driving a car on a busy road - that humans can only legally do after a period of intense study - can now be done far better by computers. It will take a while for production and the legal system to catch up but essentially we are already at the point where taxi drivers, bus drivers and lorry drivers are hanging on to those jobs by their fingernails. Retail stores including fast food restaurants are replacing check out workers with machines. Banks and insurance companies are removing the ability of customers to call into branches or talk to a humans on the phone, again people being replaced by machines."
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