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TOPIC: Getting Qualified to get a Job:

Getting Qualified to get a Job: 17 May 2017 14:18 #2566

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There are Two Industries that I have Experience with; CONSTRUCTION and SECURITY;
Both need Qualifications and a CARD in order to get a Foothold into these Industries and a Job:

From a Tradesman right down to a Labourer you now need a CSCS Card;
Card Is around £50, Getting a Trade Qualification can be a whole lot more;
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At the most basic Start point you need a SIA Card,
You need to undertake a training course for each element in the Industry,
"Door Supervisor" Course/Qualification being the best starting point,
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Grants & Funding Is Available; once again ask you Work Roach, or someone in the Job Centre with some Intellagence. :whistle:
Good Luck on that one. B)
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Getting Qualified to get a Job: 17 May 2017 15:22 #2568

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Done a good few years in construction and was a labourer but managed to get on the forks as at the time certain companies would except licences from RTITB which i got from college when i studied agriculture. In the end i had to get a CPCS forklift ticket which as i was experienced was done in a 1/2 a day at a weekend for a fraction of the price. Think i had to take a letter from my employer to state id been driving forklifts for him plus proof of CSCS card and that all gets put on a forklift operating ticket. There are Red and Blue and most employers want Blue as thats a experienced driver. In my opinion if you are looking to be a machine operator on site id swerve forklift driving as you are a glorified labourer as everyone wants you and you can be absolutely flat out and it still not be good enough as trades are often on price work so you need a thick skin. Most sites need 2 forklifts but as its expensive you have no chance.
You sign your life away every day saying machine is checked etc but rarely get time to do propper checks. Sites are health and safety mad unless the agent is desperate for something to be done. Back in the recession most companies laid off operators in my area and took on self employed through agency but have since the likes of Wimpey i no took drivers back on full time.
Id suggest becoming a digger driver 360 usually slightly more money than forks and alot less stress but is a more skilled position to drive one of those plus much less likely to be self employed. You often get a company van but getting the digger licence is not cheap.
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Getting Qualified to get a Job: 17 May 2017 17:45 #2572

Only a couple of years ago the DWP were offering courses which were pretty useful, one which I attended was for safe working in tunnels. Most people took the course because they would be given a CSCS card as well as the tunnelling one, for me I already had the CSCS card but figured the tunnelling one could come in handy. Of course it didn't but at least it was better than the mindless crap courses being offered these days.

Another course I attended was to gain a LUCAS card which gives you the opportunity to work anywhere on the London Underground. That was a 5 day course (could've been done in 2 days, tbh) and quite interesting. On passing the test after finishing this course the company who were in charge said they would do their utmost to find you future employment. Alas for me it went pear-shaped as I was never given a date to attend the final test, despite my best efforts to try and get it sorted. Then I was offered a CCTV course where I believe you'd get a SIA card on completion, I turned that down as it was over 90 minutes travel time to get to the training centre, unless they paid for train fares instead of stupid buses only.

But, now all these courses seem to have just dried up. Perhaps lack of funding was the reason, as they were much more expensive than the current crud they keep offering us, like the rancid "employability" or "Work Wise" courses.
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Getting Qualified to get a Job: 17 May 2017 18:21 #2575

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You would think that the government banging on about low skills and low shortages of skilled workers they would do exactly that. Make courses like this available where people GOT those skills and the end result to move forward, but no, they just seem intent on shoving people onto dead end job centre courses with little, if any, prospects afterwards except to say on your CV, "I recently did a two week course learning how to cook an egg"....
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