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TOPIC: great escape

great escape 17 Jun 2018 19:38 #8748

  • blackbeard
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well i finally escaped the dreading roach center :cheer:
start a new job tomorrow no more UC crap

not the best terms
its min wage just doing admin i think
i applied for admin job they said i didnt get that one to OverQ but they have other job that i can do.
one good thing is its only about 1mile away from my house so no long drive.

shame really to be honest got loads of qualifications paid over £5000 to do them all and they not really helped me at all cant win these days apply for jobs been to loads interviews then they say i am over qualified .

2 year ago i would of said no to min wage but the way country is going and the way the roach center is these days i would probley consider working in the coal mines if they was open
just so i didn't have to deal with them roach's.

i might be wrong but all the interviews i been to employers seem to quiz if you will work for min wage because they know they can get some one to do the job if you wont .
remember my old employer said to me about 4 year ago i was arguing with the main boss she said i could sack you today i have 25 workers to replace your job by tomorrow from p***** i wont say the country as i dont want to offend but to be honest she was right probley double that number now as the job market is bad.

any one got any good advice for starting new job again

been out of work about 6 months now so heres hoping the job is ok as we all know the alternative back to
the p.o.w camp sorry (jobcente plus.) to be honest if its hell i would probley stay so i didn't have to sign on.

not told the roach center yet ehther that i got a job
its monthly pay as well so long wait for wage although i think i may get UC until my first wage but i wont hold breath.

i may be bit paranoid but just hope they dont take the p*** with me thinking that because i i been out of work for 6 month etc i will do anything to keep a job
probley just bit of paranoia from me :unsure:
It is a blessing for a man to have a hand in determining his own fate
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great escape 17 Jun 2018 19:54 #8750

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Great news, well done. Any job is worth a try these days as you say. Although it might not tick all the boxes it ticks some of them that suits you.

Its a good start and you never know, with your qualifications, it could be the first step to bigger and better things.

Again, best of luck and here's hoping all goes well with you.

Keep in touch, even if its only to brag about how the other half live.
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great escape 18 Jun 2018 06:14 #8758

  • Paul-UB40
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Great News Blackbeard, State the Country is in Any Job is better than all the crap and Stress of the joke centre.
And as BB says do let us know how you get on.
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great escape 18 Jun 2018 12:35 #8778

  • comply or die
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Absolutely agree with `a job is better than being under duress` all the time. Some jobs can be okay as long as we are not working alongside jobsworths and we get some fulfilment from it and the feeling of having no ties to JCP. Minimum wage is fine as long as your working hours are long enough to make up the pay. Living wage is better, but as you say Blackbeard, many employers just can`t afford to pay it. I know it is illegal though if someone is over 25 and they don`t pay it unless the employee agrees to it.

Well done. B)
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